Vision Paper



Belifex blockchain is a blockchain database that supports and encourage community building and social interaction thanks to the payout of cryptocurrency rewards. Belifex blockchain it’s main focus will combine all concepts from social media, advertisement and Artificial Intelligence and a platform for mass adoption. Donations and Charity’s are the key for mass adoption. An important key to inspiring community’s in participating would be a currency or free market economy with a system build to support this. Each person’s contribution, would become a source of revenue. Belifex would be the first cryptocurrency that attempts to accurately and transparently reward individuals who make subjective contributions to its community, charity’s and donations.

What is Belifex (BEFX)?

Belifex is an Ethereum Based token that enables fast and private transactions on the blockchain. With the creation of its own Decentralized Social Media Platform and Exchange it will start creating its own ecosystem.

Belifex Technical Details:





Max Supply






Token Distribution:



Focus Area:

  • Social Media:
  • Payment Gateway’s:
  • Advertisement:
  • Donations and start-ups:
  • Artificial Inteligence:
  • Healthcare:
  • Exchange Platform CEX and DEX

Expected Products:

Social Belifex:

This is a platform what makes people able to receive BEFX coins for the content they write or made

Payment Platform:

Payment platform for website/webshops to easily implement BEFX on there platform, some sort of database what stores Plugins

Belifex Ad Service:

Advertisement and donations platform for company’s and start-ups


Create’s a place where you can buy and sell goods.

Machine Learning Apps and Tools:

Data Learning Apps, they will bring more marketing incentives and human dynamics

Augmented Reality:

Games that use VR

Social Health Application:

Performance apps, users would be rewarded when reaching bounties. For instance, you have run 5miles at once. This would be good for getting sportive people on the train.

Belifex Exchange Platforms:

Belifex will create 2 exchange platforms for its community. A centralized and decentralized platform. This will be done to enable trading of both erc20 tokens and coins.